Thursday, 22 July 2010

me now

Well I'm off to college in September, am going to miss being a home maker as it feels like that's natural to me. not because i'm lazy but just because i should be there for my daughter and have the house tidy, i really don't understand how people who work do it!! not saying i disagree with them though. and guess i will find out how they do it in September. unfortunately now a days it makes it hard for a women to stay at home and be housewives which is very sad really. for the few women who feel more happy in the house why should they be looked down upon it's a society where we are all have to try for a career women and men and if we say we just want to be home maker we are looked down upon. anyways there's lots of reasons why i choose to go to college. 1 is that my daughters old enough now and I've at least spent the first 3 years with her. 2 i have potential to get a better job and better prospects and maybe better money then my partner, due to age and qualification's. also my partner unfortunately is not doing to well with finding work. he will find work i have no doubt of that as he 's pushed too but at least if i have the qualifications i can find work if all else fails.. okay i'd admit i'm fussy over what job i do. people have said to me people would have work if they wasn't so fussy. but my view on this is, why work if it makes you depressed? if i was doing a job that was boring i would dread going out to work. why should i not follow my ambitions and just give up? i'd be paying taxes and back to society when i get a job. and i won't whinge about it!!!

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